Clear, Program and Grid Your Crystals to Amplify their Power

Crystals either store or absorb energies, based on the natural properties of the rock. These energies can be intentions, thoughts, colors, emotions, vibrations, etc. 

You want your energies and intentions to vibrate in the crystals, not those of everyone who has handled them, which is why you clear them.

By programming your intention into the crystal, you can increase its power.  An example of this would be to program a crystal so that if you were doing a Reiki healing, it would amplify the healing power of a specific symbol. Or if you wanted to increase your abundance, you would program a crystal to attract money.

Grids amplify the energies of several crystals so that they work together synergistically, making the crystals’ energies greater than the sum total.

In this class, you will learn how to clear and program your crystals. Additionally, you will learn how to set up aa grid to amplify the energies of your crystals.

Please bring a crystal to practice with should you choose.  There will be a limited number of crystals for sale.


Cost: $33


Sunday, Aug 14 @ 2pm

Reiki Academy

14644 N. Cave Creek Road · Phoenix, AZ

(Just south of Greenway)

Phoenix Psychic Fair

Want a reading in person?

Come see me at the Phoenix Psychic Fair on Sunday, July 24th from 9am- 5pm, held at the Sheraton Phoenix Crescent Hotel, 2620 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021.

Energy Retrieval Meditation

Over the years, we collect hurts, upsets and disappointment with people, usually with the ones we love the most. During these moments, we give away our energy.  Overtime we feel drained or less energetic.

In this class, we will do a powerful exercise to claim back our power by disconnecting from these “pains”, clearing the energy with the perpetrators, releasing and returning our energy. It also returns the energies of those who you have hurt, creating new possibilities around relationships.

Cost: $20

Friday, Aug 26 @ 7pm

Reiki Academy

14644 N. Cave Creek Road · Phoenix, AZ

(Just south of Greenway)


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