Intuitive Coach

Helping You “Heal Your Stuck”

to Unlock Your Next Level of SUCCESS

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Heal the Stuck™ Coaching

  • Are you ready for expansion in your life?
  • Want to get to the root of your fears and frustrations?
  • Would you like to be more confident?

Heal the Stuck™ Business Coaching

  • Are you ready to start a new business or side hussle?
  • Feeling a bit frustrated on how to start or what to do next?
  • Do you have the know- how, tools or support?

Do you have goals that you can’t seem to reach? Or perhaps you feel like you keep hitting the glass ceiling? 

I am a coach for business owners who want to 
– the frustration and the struggle that keeps them from their success.

One of my super powers is that I am an intuitive who has a gift of seeing why people struggle and blocks- the root of their internal conflicts. Using a variety of tools, we clear the limiting beliefs, allowing them to tap into their brilliance, and to have greater impact, become more visible, charge their true value, attract more clients, have deeper, meaningful relationships and more. 

I would love that for you too.

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