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Psychic Medium Healer & Relationship Coach

Mary Powers serves others by doing psychic readings, private consultations, healing, counseling and more.



I'm Mary Powers- Psychic Medium, Healer and Relationship Coach. I help men and women who struggle with relationships, job dissatisfaction or those who seek deeper purpose and fulfilment in their lives. I help you to remove the blockages that prevent you from achieving your dreams. I work with the Angelic Realm; I tap into Spirit to assist clients who want answers to their burning questions.

My genius is to read your energy and offer insights based on your birthdate and first name. If you’re looking for specifics, I usually can provide them. My readings are always inspiring, regardless of the topic. I am blunt and to the point, but offer practical solutions to your problems.

I am available by appointment for private consultations, healings, and other services either by phone or in person in Carlsbad, CA. I am also an ordained minister with a Masters degree in Business Administration.

  • Every reading I have with Mary I feel like there is a gold cord from God directly to Mary and I feel it! It is like getting an energy healing. She can see past pain and help you release it. What she is able to share with me from loved ones past and the future is so wonderful. Write down your questions and what she will tell you. What doesn’t make sense soon will. Mary is amazing and a blessing!!

    Shawn Hocevar
    Shawn Hocevar, Spokane, WA
  • I just wanted to thank you for the readings you did. I was in a very low place and confused in life and you helped me more than you will ever know. I hope to one day meet again and have another reading. thanks again!!

    Sara Scherfel
    Sara Scherfel, Denver, CO
  • Hey Mary,

    I went to one of your workshops years ago in Scottsdale at New Visions Center when I was maybe around 16 (I was the youngest person there by about 20 years) Lol, and am now 25! But I really enjoyed learning from you and was a very powerful experience in my life and just wanted to say “Thank You” and hope we can work together again someday!

    Brendon Stewart
    Brendon Stewart, Phoenix, AZ
  • Thanks to Mary my husband and I enjoyed our twentieth anniversary last July. In 2008, Mary told me she saw blockages in my husband’s chest. My reply was “Do you think he’s going to believe that” ….as the story goes…he did. We made an appointment to see his GP then was sent to a cardiologist then a stress test (which he didn’t pass) then an angioplasty that couldn’t be done
    because he had blocked arteries. He was immediately put in the hospital and two days later had a FIVE bypass heart surgery. He had no symptoms what so ever before Mary’s message to me.

    I will never get over what a gift she gave us.

    Linda Anquoe
    Linda Anquoe, Phoenix, AZ
  • Ok, you did it sister just informed me that she is pregnant! She said she has been trying for a year. And ever since I talked to you about those dreams, I stopped having them. And I BELIEVE that her first doctor’s appointment is the exact same day that my father about that.

    Roseann Blischok
    Roseann Blischok, Philadelphia PA
  • I have used Mary for the past 5 years and have been amazed by her accuracy
    and the scope of her readings. She read for me 2 years ago and told me of
    some obstacles that were in my way and I didn’t take her advice at that
    time. I read the notes last week and the obstacles were as fresh as they
    were 2 years ago and I knew that it was time to take action. I won’t
    hesitate in the future. Mary is upbeat, honest to a fault, and tells it like
    it is, without glossing over anything. She says what she means and means
    what she says.

    Susan R.
    Susan R., Scottsdale, AZ
  • Mary Powers is a gifted intuitive and business woman who has played an instrumental role in the support and growth of ACCEL’s fundraising events for students and adults with special needs. She has given freely of her time, talent and treasure to insure the success of many fundraisers benefiting the special needs community at ACCEL. I am very grateful to Mary for her clarity of insight and her business acumen, which have helped to shape and develop ACCEL’s fundraising endeavors during a very challenging economic period.

    Angela Pacheco
    Angela Pacheco, ACCEL Development Coordinator, Phoenix AZ
  • Thanks Mary. Thank you again for the reading today. You were spot on. I was so happy to hear that my dog Howie is with me. That was one of my big questions. He was very special and was like a child to me. I feel a little more comforted now with the things that you told me. Thanks again.

    Sarah Kollett
    Sarah Kollett, Queen Creek, AZ
  • I had the very good fortune of knowing one of the greatest psychics in my geographic region. He was my dear friend & my mentor who through him, I was able to awaken my own gifts as a psychic and medium. My friend crossed over into the Spirit in 2008. He left me with so much, including the ability to discern an exceptional psychic and medium from one who may profess to have developed gifts but who actually does not.

    In Mary Powers, I have found an outstanding psychic and medium – one who is most definitely as exceptional as my friend and mentor was. Along with her genuine and natural gifts, Mary has a straightforward and meaningful way with the spoken word, a no nonsense approach to her work, and a delightfully infectious sense of humor.
    How truly blessed I am to have connected with Mary!

    Marnie Wedlake
    Marnie Wedlake, Ontario, Canada
  • Wow! I don't even know where to start. I met Mary 7 yrs ago. My nephew was shot and killed and 3 months later my father passed. Mary was heaven sent! She helped my family deal and cope/understand with "our" loss and to know they are still with us each and everyday. She is so the "Real Deal" and so on the money! So blessed to know her and have her in our lives.

    You will NEVER regret a session with Mary Powers!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson,
  • I have known Mary Powers for four years now. Throughout this time, I have come to her many times for guidance and direction. I always leave her feeling renewed, enlightened, and assured. She has a gift than cannot be denied. She is able to answer questions, and even give me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had until she answered them! She was able to give me a message from an uncle who had passed away. That message eased my mind and made me realize there are so many people still caring about me, even if I cannot be with them anymore.

    Mary is a talented psychic, and a gifted medium. I have recommended her to many of my friends, and recommend her to you!

    Connie Starr
    Connie Starr, Hackensack, NJ
  • I was about to lose all hope when Carl was diagnosed with stage 3 melamona, you said he would be fine…that you did not see him transitioning from cancer…you sent healing to him also…but I think most importantly, you encouraged me to tap into my inner self, trust my feelings, and get past fear. I think of you often, and fondly, and do listen to myself. For that, and many other things I thank you.

    Edith Reed
    Edith Reed, CA
  • When I asked where I would be moving to in Switzerland, you said that you couldn’t understand German but it was the Village of “B” on the street of “H”. And you could here the sounds of water.

    OMG! So I found an apt in the Village of B and on the street of H but was confused about the water. I was shocked that this place went on the market at all since the man who owned it used it as his second home. The apt is exactly above my sister’s place but there is no water around. That is until I was in my sister’s guest bedroom. Apparently, when the man upstairs flushed the toilet, you could hear the water running down the pipes!

    You are amazing!

    Connie Steffen
    Connie Steffen, Switzerland
  • I want to send you my thanks for the incredible experience I had with you during my reading. I will admit I was unprepared to be given so much information about myself and my life with such insight, accuracy and clarity. It was truly astounding. The best part of it all is that I have been able to use this unique information to change my perspective in areas of my life that are troubling or negative.
    I look forward to my next reading and the possibility of more good news and information. It was wonderful!

    Janet Cahaly
    Janet Cahaly, Boston MA
  • Thank you so much for your reading tonight. Bridget is correct – you are wonderful. I appreciate your insight and your feedback, and I look forward to meeting again soon. I already have a list of topics! Again, thank you. I will reach out again soon to schedule another meeting.
    Thank you!

    Robin Sheffield
    Robin Sheffield, Panama City, FL
  • I met Mary, many yrs ago now, she always dead on, sometimes right down to the time. I recently loss my nephew, he was missing and I didn't even hesitate but I immediately called her freaking out and that I need her to try to locate him. She did, he was exactly where she told me to look, although we lost him.

    I could never had done it without her help...I will always be grateful for her guidance and her friendship!!

    Jacqueline Tome
    Jacqueline Tome,
  • Well, I just had to tell you that I went out with the fireman, Ted. We didn’t know his birthday, so you said all you can say that you saw me with “a Cancer who was like a teddy bear and looked like Superman.” Check, check and check. Whoever doesn’t believe that some people have incredible intuition has not met you!! It may not be him, but it’s awfully weird if not! ?

    He was teasing me that his birthday was in February, and I said, “Is it really?” He said, “No, guess when it is.” So I said I thought it was July and he just looked at me like “how would you know that?”

    I thought you would get a kick out of that! ?

    Thanks again,

    Michelle M.
    Michelle M., Phoenix, AZ
  • It’s been well over a year that Mary has assisted me with psychic readings. From the first visit, she’s been spot on. Mary’s gentle humor and pleasant personality make it easy to speak and share personal thoughts and opinions to her. I’m typically a high-energy person, but this past month I’ve been struggling with an emotional issue. I arrived today for my session feeling physically drained. Again, she brought to light many items that just make sense to what’s happening in my world. Mary is a strong support for me and a valued Medium. She teaches me new things about myself and reaffirms my faith in my inner voice.

    Today, for the first time, she physically treated me by merely holding my neck with one hand while keeping the other hand above my head. After a few minutes, I felt an energy enter my body. It’s a difficult feeling to articulate, but the energy boost or sense of euphoria was indescribable to me. Hours later, I still feel rejuvenated! As always, her reassurance and insight has provided me with a comfortable, calm feeling. I have referred several friends to Mary, and will continue to do so. God Bless!

    Dana Siemon
    Dana Siemon, Fountain Hills, AZ


Please select a date below to set up an appointment. I offer in-person appointments on a limited basis. Call for details. Readings can be recorded upon request with advance notice.  An mp3 recording will be sent to your email within 1 day.   


"Cancellation Policy - 24 hours advanced notice required prior to appointment cancellation otherwise you forfeit your deposit."




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Mary Powers | Intuitive | Healer | Psychic Medium | Divine Feminine

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