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Mary Powers

When you feel stuck or frustrated, you are often in a place of resistance.

When you change your actions, thoughts and emotions, you shift your resistance and change how life shows up for you. I help women release the stuck so that they can achieve:

more  money/ better job

clarity around their life’s mission/purpose

good health

healthier relationships

better communication

more clarity to make better decisions

less stress/ more joy


better boundaries

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Meet Mary

If you have tried everything and feel like you are going nowhere in relationships, finances or even health, then you’ve come to the right place.

My specialty is reading your energy to find the answers you need and the root cause for resistance which can show up as illness, inability to make or save money, to find love, confidence or even having peace.

If you are ready to take the next step and release the blocks that prevent you from leaping forward in life, contact me for a free consultation.  Let’s chat to see if my services can help you.

What I Do

Intuitive Readings

Let’s face it… sometimes you need validation or perhaps a bit of perspective.

As a conduit for Spirit, I connect people with their deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self for validation, healing, and guidance. 



Life is about navigating the ups and the downs, the shoulds and the shouldn’ts.

But sometimes you get stuck- you don’t know what to do, or better yet, you can’t get out of your own way to start.

That stuck place is formed from beliefs and thoughts you think are true. If left untouched, nothing happens- you’ll  get more of the same.  But when you choose to address the stuck with the right guidance, new possibilities happen, allowing you to create your dreams and desires in a much expanded capacity.

To be successful, you can’t address your problems from the same energy or perspective from which it started- you’ll only create more of the same. It’s like trying to wash your dirty clothes in dirty water.


When you want to break out of the frustration and pain that you carry-such as fears, anxiety, anger, heartache and stress, and the physical pain, I help you to release the emotional baggage – current and ancestral- that keeps you stuck and in pain, unable to receive.

Did you know that most of the illness and dis-ease that we have stems from our beliefs and thoughts AND those of the people around us? Your mother’s fears may become your anxiety. Your emotional childhood may become IBS. The possibilities are endless. When you release these thoughts and beliefs, you start the path of healing.

I also work on releasing the wall around your heart that keeps you from finding love.


"Before working with Mary, I sometimes struggled with relationships. People would often take advantage of my kindness. Now I am able to see how I created these situations. I am now in control of each situation, and not a victim, which has helped me improve my relationships, both personal and professional. "


"What can I say? Mary is a wise woman who is always dropping truth bombs- she gets you to see life with a new perspective."


"Mary has helped me to not only build my confidence but to also find my voice. I have learned how to make my time the priority- everyone else has to take a number! Thank you!"


"I used to sabotage myself all the time, but after working with Mary, I learned a magical way to step into my power, taking control of my energy and outlook. I've never felt more connected to my higher self. And my elbow pain completely disappeared."


"Mary told me that my husband’s meds were not working, and he had blockages around his heart. An angioplasty revealed five blockages to his heart in excess of 95% and two days later he had a quadruple bypass. My husband is alive because of Mary's message."


"Mary told me that a man I hadn't seen in many years would be coming back into my life, I would be divorced by December and moving to a place where there was water. I had been married for over 30 years, and was living in Arizona.. By the end of the year, my ex-husband wanted a divorce and a man I had known over 40 years came into my life and we fell in love so I moved back to FL."


"I recently had a healing session with Mary and it was pretty crazy. We did a healing around my roller coaster income and ever since the healing, I haven't had any anxiety about it. Instead of worrying about my finances, I'm getting the work done, and my business revenue has actually grown! I highly recommend Mary- she is so gifted and has a calm, comforting presence that truly supports her clients."


"I was feeling stuck in the conflict that comes when opportunity and expansion are knocking, while the inner critic is doing her best to block the door with doubts and insecurities. Mary helped me find the clarity and confidence to get back into action by affirming what my intuition had been guiding me to do. She also gave me some very practical strategies to set myself up for even greater success."

Michelina, Creative Soulway


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