• "My dream desire as a spiritual medium is to facilitate healing for those who are in search of guidance from Spirit/God. We all have choices in our lives, and each choice us brings us closer or further from our goals. We are all responsible for the events in our lives as well as the roles that we play. Therefore, we are ultimately responsible for the illusions that we create in life, and have the ability to alter our life's direction."  -Mary Powers

  • "If someone you are making a priority doesn't make you a priority, MOVE ON!" - Mary Powers

I am an intuitive, a healer, a psychic medium and an ordained minister living in Carlsbad, CA. I serve others by doing psychic readings, private consultations, healing, counseling and more. about
  • Psychic & Spiritual Readings
  • Life & Spiritual Coaching
  • Energy Work
  • The Reconnection® & Reconnective Healing®

"...you encouraged me to tap into my inner self, trust my feelings, and get past fear.  I think of you often ...and do listen to myself.  For that, and many other things I thank you."  ~Edith Reed,  CA testimonials