Most of us have at least one fear in life.  What you do with it, predicts how you will succeed in life. Will you stop dead in you tracks and avoid situations, or are you willing to meet the challenge?

I have had a fear of heights.  Not always, but usually. It really depends on the situation. Speed and height is a dangerous combo for me. Or at least it was. I have realized that they magnify my loss of control. When on a roller coaster, you are at the whim of the ride and the operator. But through my willingness to confront me fears and to let go of my need for control, said rides and alike are not as scary anymore. I chose to CONFRONT MY FEAR.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just one day challenge myself to the extreme, but rather I took baby steps.  First it was an aerial tram ride up a mountain. Then it was zip lining. And finally a water ride in a spinning float going down steep hills while it bounced around the course. To some, probably easy breezy. For others, not so much.  But it all started with me taking one step to combat my fears, a willingness to meet the challenge and to not let the unknown win.

What else I learned was that I held my breath before doing any of these adventures which magnified the fear.  But as I breathed into the fear, I became at peace and even really enjoyed the adventure.

While I have not quite braved a roller coaster, I’m working my way there. I’m just not going to let my fears sabotage my success.