Welcome to Breakdown to Breakthrough

I am so excited to see you here!

You made a commitment to completely transform your mindset and your life. Congratulations to you!  But now you’ve got work to do.  Remember your success depends upon you doing the work.

I have some important things to cover before you begin.

This is how we are going to communicate. First is email-  This is our main method to communicate and how I will send you info and reminders. So make sure that you have mary@mary-powers.com in your inbox. This is the best way to reach me and it is the first account that I check.

Second, The other place is in our FaceBook group. You can click on the link to join. Here is where I want you to post your questions, wins, or the basic check-in. If you are feeling stuck, please say so! Why is connecting on Facebook so important? Because often we need to be heard, be witnessed for who and where we are that it magnifies the healing. Also, make sure you use the group to connect with others because if you are stuck, maybe someone else is too. Or perhaps, someone else has a new set of eyes to help you to understand. Most importantly, it is where you can post your questions for the bi-monthly calls. So just case you can’t attend, your questions can still be answered.

I really want you to succeed. It’s important for me that you do. I need you to show up, be present and let me know where you are- or possibly where you aren’t! I can’t do the work for you, but I will certainly hold your hand while you do. And please do the work, even if it doesn’t make sense or seems silly. Again, share your doubts- let the group support you! After all, you’ve been doing this all alone for way too long

There’s a method to my madness. And if you trust, you will see results- bring on those new empowering choices!

You are part of a community here and it is a safe place. It’s safe to talk about feelings, fears, struggles. There will be no tolerance for lack of support. It’s time to make an huge impact in your life, so if you are scared, overwhelmed, speak up.  Let us support you.

Ok- this is your moment to get real with yourself.  Are you ready? If so, I’m holding you accountable. Here’s your first task. Go to our FaceBook page and post- “I’m ready for an abundant life.”  Make the first commitment to creating you dream because I’m going to hold you accountable.

Know that you matter to me and I want to be there for you. We’re in this together!

One last thing, I will give you the tools to become exceptional- this is your opportunity to shine! And I thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. I thank you for trusting to be here on this process with you.

Go crush it!! <3

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