Recently a client asked about my thoughts on Trump being elected as president. So here they are…

First, let me say that I am not a Trump supporter, and nor could I say that I was a fan of Hillary. But I am a supporter of evolution and that’s where I hope this is all going. For those of you who are fully committed to Trump may not agree with me but I hope that you will at least hear me out.

I believe that for his supporters, Trump inspired a dream, and that dream varied from race to social economic status to political party and so on. But what I believe he is here to do and bring about a breakdown of who we think we are, where we think we are and how we think we need to be so that we may have a breakthrough and understand who we truly are, what are truly made of and what we are here to be.

His actions, words and policies are forcing us to take stand, whether with him or against him.  For far too long, we Americans have sat back while we were being taking advantage of by our government. The elected were supposed to protect and support us, and yet all they did was protect and support themselves by lining their pockets. The government has their own healthcare, pension plan and privileges to which the average American has no access. This concept is hardly new in the world, we’ve seen it play out in other governments, churches and societies.

The laws that we have in place are being ignored, the mingling of Church and State, the president capitalizing from his position, conflicts of interest,  the knee jerk laws put into effect overnight- all of it is alarming. People are rising up to say, enough is enough.

My friends- all that is going on represents you whether you know it or not because everything you experience is a reflection of who you believe yourself to be or think. Your fears about refugees are about your fears of not being accepted, and the fear of the unknown. Your disapproval of women protesting in the streets- “well because we women don’t have it bad, what are they taking about” is again a fear of not being accepted.  In the moment that you chose to judge someone or their experience, you create separation. Instead of condemning someone for their feelings, we should be saying, “how brave of you to speak up.” In the moment that you chose to listen to someone’s rhetoric without investigating to see if it was truth, you became part of the lie. We are being forced to tune in find our truth, instead of blindly jumping on the bandwagon. We need to finding our truths, not the BS that we have been given over and over from society, our family, our church…this is about YOU owning your power and being true to yourself. And when you find your highest truth, it will be aligned with my truth, and her truth and his truth because the highest truth is God’s for ALL paths lead to God.

Enough judging what is right and what is wrong- your need to be right may be striping another of their sovereign rights. Is that just for all?

Laws should be based on protecting me from you and vice versa and not reflecting your opinion on how I should live.  If people want to be in a same sex relationship because that’s where they found love, why should that bother you? Are you in so much pain that you can’t allow another to be happy? When you try to bury laws about the ingredients or the GMO’s in the food we consume, then affects all of us. If you don’t care, great! But why block another’s right to find out or choose to believe the false advertising because “they” say will cost you more money for special labels, etc.  If you’re going to have an opinion, do your due diligence. Don’t just take someone’s opinion- we have enough lobbyists in Washington creating enough spin.

I am against the 7 country ban. Having said that, I am absolutely for knowing who comes into this country and making sure they are completely vetted. I want to create a safe environment for all of us. I also believe in gun control- making sure that everyone who has a gun, has a permit, and knows how to and is mentally capable operate it. Guns should be available for protection, not assault. A friend of mine recently said to me that while she is pro-life for herself; however, she believes that every women should have the right to choose her own destiny, therefore she is truly pro-choice. She feels she shouldn’t impose her beliefs onto another because it all boils down to religious beliefs and when you think life is created.

I believe that the events happening since Trump’s inauguration is about projecting us out of the 3rd Dimension of Ego and into the 5th Dimension of Compassion through the bridge of the 4th Dimension of the the Heart (love). It’s about us being in this world together, working together, living together through acceptance/ lack of judgment. But this experience must start with each one of us by incorporating those values and then reflect them out into the world through our actions, words and deeds.

In the meantime, I am going to continue to shine the light, and allow others to see their truth. And yes, I may play the devil’s advocate to get you to think outside your box. It’s through that thought, pain or experience when you get out of your comfort zone that you have the ability to see your truth. It’s not about be right or wrong, it’s about awareness, love and compassion. Enough of the “what’s in it for me” attitude but rather, more of “what’s in it for us”.

Together we stand, or together we fall. You have a voice in the direction we take.