It’s what I heard a lot this past week…

I’m ready for a change. I’m tired of this crap. My life is painful. I hate my job. My relationship sucks. I want a relationship with decent person.

Does your pain of being stuck outweigh your pain of having to change?

Do you want the secret to manifest the change you want in your life? Maybe the better question is if I give it to you, are you willing to do what I say? How you choose to implement change is totally up to you.

To create a new life, you must stop doing that which is habitual. You must change up your life as you know it. Otherwise, you are creating stagnant energy, otherwise known as addiction.

That’s exactly right…I said it. Addiction. Think about it. Addicts do the same thing over and over. They can’t “break the habit.” That’s what keeps them stuck, or stagnant. So in order to shift the energy to get it moving again, we need to make changes. But the kind of changes that need to happen may surprise you. All I’m asking you to do is to shift it up a little.

Think about it.

A dieter’s greatest challenge once they are on track is often the dreaded plateau where they can’t seem to lose weight. The body becomes resistant to the dieting/exercising efforts, the energy stagnates, and the dieter becomes frustrated. And what are they told? Change your habits. Shift it up. Confuse your body.

That’s what I am suggesting to you. Change it up. If you walk 5 miles a day, maybe you need to find another way to exercise. Not for forever, but just to give your body a change. Or instead of seeing a colleague as “the enemy”, see them as your greatest champion. Park further away from the store. Go sit outside for 10 minutes. Just do something different. What do you need to do more of in a given day? What do you need to do less of? How can you make every day a new day from the day before?

Create new patterns in your life, to move yourself forward. It’s not about eliminating the past. The bolder the change, the bigger the reward.

All of our blockages are stagnant energy running our lives. Think about a cluttered closet. Too much stuff often spills out into other closets, possibly other areas of our house and adds no value. So every day, you should be making new choices in your life to keep the energy moving, free from stagnation.

I’ll admit to being a creature of habit. Facebook… games on my phone… guilty of useless habits. I tend to wear the same clothes, eat the same foods. But I have chosen to change up my diet. I make new recipes, using new foods or spices. When I go to the gym, I try a new piece if equipment. I add variety to my life when and where I can.

Despite my initial resistance, I like it. I would rather choose the change in my life rather than have life bring unwanted change to me!

What will you do to move through your stagnant energy? Post your thoughts below. Allow yourself to be an inspiration to someone else and perhaps make this the first new change you do today.