Emotional Freedom Bootcamp

Release the Fears and Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Stuck

Discover How to Unlock Your Next Level of Success


More Confidence

What if you could express yourself freely without the fear of feeling judged, shut down or being misunderstood

Better Relationships

Imagine how your relationships could change if you knew the secret on how to speak to a person so that you weren’t triggered or caught up in their drama

Stress Management

Learn my Energy Release Technique™ to alleviate your stress in a matter of minutes. Not only is it easy, but you can do it anywhere and no one would even know

Value Your Worth

Discover and own your true value so you can stop instead of settling for less

How Do I know If Emotional Freedom Bootcamp is Right For Me?

I created this program because so many of my clients were struggling with fears and overwhelm-  and I know what it is like to not show up as your best version, to lack confidence or to settle for less. The only way to overcome these fears is to work through, them because if you ignore them, they will always resurface when you least want them.

If you struggled with fears and limiting beliefs about yourself, you know what it’s like to live each day to feel:

–  Embarrassed, ashamed or lack confidence 

– Worry about your finances

– Afraid to speak up

– Unsupported, unloved, lacking trust for self or others

– Rejection or failure because you think you aren’t good enough

– Feeling misunderstood

– Shame, guilt or regret for things said or done in the past

I designed this program to change all of this…starting NOW.

Helping You to Unlock Peace and Ease

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Don’t Know How?

Emotional Freedom Bootcamp is a program where you will learn exactly how to break the chains of all the past hurts and free yourself to move forward!

Besides learning how to deal with your critics, you will learn how to make peace with your INNER critic so that you can create personal harmony and inner peace to confidently move beyond your fears.



 What You Will Discover:


  • How to tune into your body to understand when it is emotionally charged and the steps to release the emotion
  • Understand the 3 reasons why you get emotionally distressed and how to heal them forever
  • Discover your “Yes” and “No” when you quickly need answers


  • How to discover the fears and beliefs that hold you hostage and how to heal them even when you think they belong to someone else)
  • Heal the past wounds that could sabotage your relationships
  • Discover the mystery as to why you keep repeating regret-filled patterns
  • How to instantly let go of built up anger


  • How to discover and easily heal your emotional wounds from victim into victor and step into emotional freedom
  • Wake up every morning knowing how to create your perfect day


  • Tools to heal family karma and family dynamics and allow the authentic you to emerge
  • Long distance healing for upcoming events: How to do it and why it’s so powerful


  • The triangle of relationships: Discover how not to be caught up in drama and learn how to support others so that they stop creating it
  • The simple mindset shift: How to turn challenging conversations into growth opportunities
  • Master this #1 simple factor for relationship success so you can create the relationship you want
  • Eliminate the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that could keep you from attracting the perfect relationship you’ve always wanted


  • Release hidden family karma (the negative energy associated with your  name) and allow the powerful you to emerge
  • The 6 Human Needs- Understanding the Emotional GPS of Others: Know what they are looking for and how to respond so that you are both on the same page
  • Learn the 3 simple secrets to attract what you truly want

Moved To Paradise

“Recently I had a midlife crisis or should I say a midlife awakening one of the key components of what I’ve gotten from Mary’s course is the fundamental understanding of some key ingredients that are the key to my joy in my life. This course, will help me understand and reach my goals more than any self-improvement course that I have done, because Mary cares about her students in helping them reach their true potential.

One major block that we healed was my rejection of my heritage. Not only am I proud of where I came from, but I now use it to my advantage- my secret sauce- to connect with clients.  I am a whole new person as a result.

I should also add that I have been resistant to moving for a job that a friend has been pursuing me for the past 10 years. I finally took the leap, moved to Hawaii and I couldn’t be more happier. I am truly living my dream life.

Mary is a Chiropractor of the Soul- she finds what’s out of alignment and helps you to make the necessary adjustments.”

K. Murphy 

7Emotional Freedom Bootcamp-

The Program

  • 3 month group coaching program
  • Connect via  Zoom for approximately 90 minutes- either by internet or phone- all from the comfort of your home.
  • Sessions will be recorded so you can take notes later
  • Calls will consist of training plus Hot Seat coaching, tools and Q & A
  • Face Book group to share experiences, emotional support and ask questions in between calls


Program starts July 29 at 7pm PST.

The key to transforming your life starts with being awake and aware. Most people are out of tune with their emotional health and its impact on their bodies.

This is the place from where we start helping you to become aware of what needs to be released- the fears, beliefs and even the family karma that no longer serves you.

You have tools so that you can learn to process the emotions as they happen- allowing you to move forward in life, instead of becoming paralyzed in emotion. Imagine how your relationships can evolve if fears or drama fades away!

Once you put all of this together, you will experience transformation in your life- less stress, anxiety and fear, but most importantly, you will begin to draw in the better experiences of life.  The more you clear, the more opportunities and success you can attract.

Better Job

“When I started working with Mary, I hadn’t realized all of the blocks I had. I wasn’t getting ahead because of my beliefs and actions. I was putting all of my eggs in one basket which wasn’t even MY basket. When I started seeing life through a different perspective, my life shifted and I am so happy of the work we have done together. Not only did she help me see my truth, she gave me the tools to move forward so that I can create my reality and deal with any possible issues as they arise. And I got a higher paying job doing work in a different field.

Thank you Mary.”

J. DeAngelo  

Let me tell you my story...

It was 2003… I was stuck in a life force sucking career, several toxic relationships and a marriage that was spiraling downhill.  I was tired of being angry, upset and feeling like I was supporting the world on my tired shoulders. I couldn’t understand why my view of life and reality were completely misaligned.

And then one day, I had enough. I knew that I needed a radical change.  Guided by my intuition, I made radical changes to my life.

I quit my job and moved west, far away from the life I knew. By time I got to Arizona, I didn’t have the strength to get out of bed. Even my adrenals were exhausted by my life. It was then that I knew it was time to discover the truth of who I was, to create the life I desired and to get out of my toxic marriage. I was tired of giving everything I had to people who didn’t appreciate or support me so I divorced my husband.

All I wanted was to be me, the REAL me, surrounded by my tribe, people who understood me, who loved me for who I was and not who they wanted me to be. No more putting on masks to please others…

So I searched to find my answers. I read countless books and even took classes, yet still something was missing. When you are stuck in the middle of a toxic cesspool of a life, it is impossible to find your way out on your own.

I had to find teachers who had an elevated view of the world. I needed to see my life from a different perspective. And so I  elevated my view and found the right teachers to guide me.

I learned that everything wrong in my life was because I was settling.  I didn’t value myself or realize my worth.  I didn’t set my standards for how I wanted people to treat me and I had absolutely no boundaries.  I chose to took care of others before myself, every single time. I became the person that gave everyone else what they needed, but I forget to take care of myself.

All my problems were a reflection of my actions and my beliefs. If I wanted change, I HAD to be the change…

So, I made changes to how I showed up in the world. It took years to peel away the layers of what negative habits that took decades to create.

But here’s the cool thing… It doesn’t have to be that way!

Fast forward to now…

I used to be afraid to speak up, where you had to used to voice loudly to get attention or to defend yourself. Not my truth any longer.

A couple years ago, one evening at the mall, a guy was trying to let all of the air out of my tires. I approached him and told him to stop in a very loud voice. I was ready to charge him in self defense and he knew it.  I showed no fear even when it was a bit scary. Because I showed up as my BIG self, he took off. Again, my smaller self of years ago would not have been able to speak up. But don’t mess with me now…

Just the other day, a life coach was giving a talk about letting go of your blocks and playing small.  She tried to get everyone’s attention in the room by clearing her voice.  No one turned around…they couldn’t hear her. Because I was sitting next to her, I could hear her, I shouted out “ladies” in my loud voice and everyone turned. Years ago, I would not have been able to speak up like that it someone’s meeting where I knew no one.

Just because I had to hit ROCK BOTTOM to discover the right techniques to heal my stuck doesn’t mean that you have to spend years doing the same. I have put together all of my tools and wisdom that I learned during my spiritual journey, including proprietary healing techniques so that you can fast track your spiritual, emotional, financial and physical path to success.

Instead of you having to take the time to experiment with what doesn’t work and take years or even decades to make the leap to an exciting life full of all the joy, peace, flow and success that you want, I invite you to explore a time-tested, proven way to get unstuck fast and get the support you need to take the big leap that is going to propel you forward.

If you are ready to unlock your next level of success, tired of experiencing a frustrating gap between the rich possibilities you sense for your life and what you have thus far been able to manifest in your outer reality, you need to invest in yourself and be apart of the Emotional Bootcamp. You just need to take action.

And the best part- you don’t have to do it alone…

What Has Been Your Cost for Being Stuck?

Think about all the time wasted, money spent on therapy, classes, bad/ lost relationships or missed opportunities because you haven’t dealt with the root problem.  How much are you willing to continue to lose?

 What if what you learned in this program paved the way for you to get a 10% raise?

 A new job?

Happier relationships? 

Greater satisfaction? 

Less stress? 

What would that be worth to you?


Released Fears

“Oh the Gifts bestowed upon us from the heavens! Mary is one God’s earthly angels who whose mission (as explained in the bible) is to help one another. In the case of Mary, where one of her gifts includes healing, she has helped me break negative bonds and personal fears that I held onto that had me scared though my pursuits in music.

As a result, my drive and determination to achieve my future career goals are, in my opinion, only an arm’s distance. With the loss of those fears, I will find what I desire.”

A. Peterson

12 Week Group Coaching Package- Full Pay

Pay one flat fee

Purchase by July 21st to receive an extra group call- Heal Your Money Blocks




Program starts Monday, July 29

at 7pm PST.

12 Week Group Coaching Package- Installments

$199 each month for 3 months

Purchase by July 21st to receive an extra group call- Heal Your Money Blocks



***BONUS #1***

BONUS Heal Your Money Blocks Meditation- Join by Sunday, July 21st and get an additional group call. This bonus call will help you to release blocks around attracting or keeping your prosperity. This call will also be recorded so you can use it over and over.


***BONUS #2***

Buy 1, get 1 at 50%. Join with a friend at full price, get the second enrollment at 50%. Call to enroll. 602-441-5781


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