updated 2/12/19


What does it mean to be awake and aware?

When you are awake and aware, you realize that you are an actor in a play, whether it’s your play or someone else’s, and you get to chose the ending of said play, when you are consciously aware of your emotions. This is expanded consciousness.

You are always in control of your reactions when you know that you are an empowered being. No one can make you do anything, including to react at a lower vibration. If you start blaming others for your reactions or events that happen, then you are playing the victim and are at the mercy of others.

When you have expanded consciousness, thoughts, appearances and emotions have no power over you. This means that you are not only in control of your life, you are now creating your life. Opportunities and abundance will manifest as long as you remain in alignment with expanded awareness.

Example: I remember my ex telling me that I was responsible for his car accident, because he was thinking of me when it happened. He was playing the victim, blaming me for his situation.

When you are awake and aware, you should be able to keep your vibration at your current level, meaning that if someone comes into the room with a negative attitude, you wouldn’t lower your vibration to meet theirs.

What does it mean to lower you vibration? If someone starts complaining about sick they were, or how the traffic was horrible, if you start complaining with them, you just lowered your vibration to meet theirs.

If someone throws pain at you, telling you with anger, that they didn’t appreciate what you did, if you react with anger, you just lowered your vibration.

So how do you maintain your level of vibration when someone hurls pain toward you?

Simply put, you don’t react. What you will say all depends on what was said. Say like, “Wow that wasn’t my intention, I could see how you could be hurt.” Don’t apologize, just acknowledge their experience. Apologizing keeps them stuck in their experience as a victim and chances are you did nothing except to be the screen for their projection of their movie.

Basic step of awake and aware: listen and acknowledge, but don’t react or take on the energy projected at you. Be aware of your contributions to every interaction.

When you are in a good place, feeling confident in yourself, you expand your energy. You want to be seen and heard. When you don’t feel good about yourself, you most likely will contract your energy and make yourself invisible. You may choose not to speak up, or if you do, your words are not confident, clear or perhaps are spoken with emotion, such as anger. You may feel annoyance, overwhelmed, anxiety, anger and other low energy vibrations.

Besides expansion and contraction, you can be in a place of neutrality. While this place is better than contraction, it isn’t the same as being in a place of expansion.

You should always want to be in a place of expansion.

TIP: Set a timer to go off every hour. When the timer goes off, feel into your energy- are you in a place of expansion, neutrality or contraction? If you feel contracted or neutral, what can you do or say to yourself to get into a place of expansion? Establish an affirmation, power phrase or power stance to shift the energy pattern.


See yourself wearing your best clothes, looking as smart and good-looking as you can be. How do you feel energetically? Expanded or contracted?

Now see yourself wearing ripped, dirty, clothes that you found in someone’s trash. How do you feel wearing these clothes? How do you feel energetically? Contracted or expanded?

Pay attention to your thoughts and reactions to others with whom you interact. Include how you feel in certain clothes, and certain colors. What feelings and thoughts came up in your experience? Did you expand or contract your energy? Write down your your thoughts and reactions to others because we will be building on this information. The key here is about being aware of when and how you feel contracted so that you can learn how to expand your energy.

Being awake and aware is about being aware of your emotions and allowing them to guide you, alerting you to when you are in a place of expansion vs contraction.

When you are on the triangle, you are resonating with fear instead of love. It is also a place of contraction instead of expansion.

After reviewing the triangle, think about the victims, rescuers and persecutors in your life. How can you disconnect from their drama?

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